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MPC Applications

Patient Education Module

During their wait time, patients can view informative health videos about their acute illness or chronic condition and medical procedures. User-friendly for all ages, the MPC delivers subject matter specific to the patientís stage of care, treatment regimen, rehabilitation, care plan and disease management. It reinforces critical factors like interacting drugs, medication side effects, rehabilitation, and how behavioral and dietary choices will impact lifestyle while under treatment.

Physicians can prescribe a disease-specific video and interactive tutorial on topics specific to the patientís prognosis, treatment or condition. Serving as a personal health tutor and trainer, the MPC can perform pre- and post-instruction tests, scoring patients on their disease awareness, knowledge and retention. Clinical studies have shown that the use of educational technology can enhance face-to-face communications between patients and physicians, plus help patients become more involved in the management of their overall care.

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