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MPC Applications

Cardiovascular Therapy Module

High-risk patients recovering from a cardiac procedure must be watched closely, require detailed medication counseling, need thorough tutoring and must be given specific instruction on activities to avoid. Under such a complex and critical care regimen, education is not only required, but can be potentially life saving.

The MPC is a valuable tool for coaching patients on how blood thinning drugs, such as the drug warfarin, an anticoagulant, will affect their everyday life. Warfarin is one of the most frequently prescribed and dangerous medications for cardiac patients. In fact, more food and drug interactions have been reported for warfarin than any other prescription medication, making patient education that is easy-to-access and understand a high priority.

Warfarin therapy often requires a cardiac nurse to conduct educational sessions lasting from 30 - 45 minutes to cover the complications of the medication. With the MPC, a nurse can play a detailed video on proper use, risk and benefits of warfarin for the patient to view in a quiet area. The MPC then quizzes the patient at specified times during the visit to reinforce learning.

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